MArketing Website

The Challenge

I was running my own business as a website designer and developer for B2C small businesses. Ignite Careers was a London banking career transition consultant.

Ignite needed clients ready to pay more for their services. I made benchmarking and competitor analysis. I created a website that aimed slightly lower than the more expensive competitors, then offered an app for self-scoring your job search strategy, how up-to-date it is. This was a free tool inviting the user to have a login and become part of the newsletter, become part of a community, where upselling can be controlled and delivered.

Top Activities

Behaviour Design

Analysing the target user and customer, revealed business opportunity. It was also possible to build a persona and start designing to that behavioural psychology.

Researching User Patterns

Banking media is about being up-to-date, seeing the most important updates first but not being overwhelmed. There is a lot of excitement in these figures and articles for a banker and the visual design used asserts formality, with a touch of drama.

Integrating User Data

It was more effective to analyse the market through canvas games than meetings with just talking. Setting small action goals and iterating until conclusions and actions became clear.

Architecture, Wireframing and Presentation

The resulting conclusion was the self-test app. How up-to-date is the user’s job strategy? This was my first app, and I straight away started to wireframe. To plan and form the best flow and discuss ideas with the CEO. 

Testing UI Transition Animations

I learned here that apps run from native setups, and many interactions are pre-programmed. In later projects I worked with Flutter, which is device independent.