Jennifer Simonds

User Journey Expert with UI Design Skills

What really counts for a good experience is the journey, from awareness to completion. I find ways  to increase ratings by planning for problems, and welcoming difficulty as opportunity every step of the way. I can help form winning new business and design ideas, and prototype a validation test to control financial risks and form the right partnership opportunities. In the last 6 years I found that solving hard problems offers the best success.

Give the journey Priority

Workshop Facilitation

Understand vision & value of a problem & opportunity

Prototype & Screen Flow

Barrier free, emotional design committed to trustworthy security & privacy

User Research & Testing

Interview, listen, collect & observe your target group. explore, discover, test, learn & iterate fast

Ecosystem and Touchpoint Diagrams

Understanding the stakeholder connections

Story Diagrams & Personas

Empathic storytelling. solve problems, change behaviour sustainably

UI for Accessibility

Illustration and beautiful designs for accessibility

Build Together